Run, shoot and aim

13/07 - 15/07 2000

At Montesquiu Castle. Barcelona

On the occasion of the Quam2000 Forum, consonni was invited to participate in a debate on the space of distribution: financing, facilities and cultural policies.

From 1997 to 1999, the Quam debates focused on new technologies in artistic creation. Using this material, the Quam2000 Forum centred on analysis, reflection and debate, and also sought to bring about intervention and transformation. In this edition the practical workshops were replaced by a forum for debate.

Participants included Jean-Christophe Royoux (art critic and lecturer in general culture at the Cherbourg School of Fine Arts); José Luis Brea (art critic); Gloria Picazo (art critic and exhibition curator); Manel Clot (art critic, curator and lecturer); Oscar Abril (sound artist and cultural administrator); Franck Larcade (director of consonni); Ute Meta Bauer (director of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna); Jorge Ribalta (artist, critic and exhibition curator); Roc Parés (artist and lecturer at the Pompeu Fabra University); Gerrie van Noord (publications and information officer at Artangel); Mauricio Lazzarato (sociologist and philosopher); Toni Negri (philosopher); Paolo Carpignano (Doctor in Literature); Renée Green (artist); Martí Peran (lecturer at Barcelona University) and Carles Guerra (artist, art critic and curator ).