Fine Arts Faculty. Basque Country University

06/06 - 06/06 2008
  • Basque Country University

A living dead man, a zombi, is the least glamorous of the prominent figures that has the cinema. Without conscience, neither ambition nor personality, the non-dead man is an anti tragic hero, a parody of the ideal citizen.
Terror, science fiction or simply fiction are often used to dissect reality with greater crudeness than a documentary which aims at representing the truth.
To analyze the life of the zombi across the contemporary cinema there are debated some scenes of " Shaun of the dead " (Zombis party), " The Comunna of Paris " of Peter Watkins and of course  " Down of dead " of George A. Romero, the movie that there is the inspiration of the project Stay indoors and shut your windows. Romero makes like that a perfect metaphor of the society of consumption showing to the people = zombis gravitating about the malls.

The zombi has turned into a metaphor of the fight of masses, of the critique of the society of consumption, of the lack of social conscience, etc. It is the demonstration of a collective force capable of obtaining any aim, a force that advances joined in a bit coarse way but very, very enterteining.