15/01 - 17/01 2009

Espacio Abisal

Tentacle(s), a series of activities organized by Espacio Abisal, from which it intends to question the figure of the artist in the current context and reflect on the nature of the artistic field.

- Thursday, January 15, at 19:00 in Anti-Liburudenda (Dos de Mayo, 2), will be a chat about the art market "from different positions within the management, production or dissemination of contemporary culture. AMASTÉ , ANTI-, Animatu, Aiora Kintana and Funky Proyects involved.

- Friday, January 16, at 19:00 in Espacio Abisal (Hernani, 14), Maria Mur Dean, Rosa Andrieu and Haizea Barcenilla discuss their impressions about the artistic field "from a gender perspective."

- Saturday, January 17, at 11:30 and Espacio Abisal visit/workshop "the tentacles of Bilbao, a pleasant walk through the different areas of art in Bilbao, guided by Edu Hurtado.