"Artists killed media stars" in ZINEBI

14/11 - 17/11 2011


Neón ElectroClass

The multidisciplinary artist María Ruido, filmmaker and researcher, has her debut in ZINEBI, with her last work ElectroClass, produced by consonni (Bilbao) with the colaboration of ETB.

ElectroClass Notes over the imaginary postindustrial generation from the TV (Bilbao as a case study). Taking the ETB archive as base material and Bilbao as a concrete case study, this project is a reflection about the dissolution of the concept of the traditional working class, the changes in our working conditions from industrial capitalism to outsourcing and the radical transformation of the city as a “polis” into “marca Bilbao”. The premiere is located in the seminar ARTISTS KILLED MEDIA STARS programed by María Ruido and consonni on 17th at 8pm.

Electroclass materialized the videographic production of seven minute chapters. They are based on the notion of dismantling the ETB televised files in opposition with the other audiovisual materials. To contextualize this work we have developed a parallel investigation through the 20 interviews, as well as movie and video programing of the film and video and a seminar: ARTISTS KILLED MEDIA STARS.