bird and ornhitologist at the same time

02/06 - 02/06 2012

Screen From Barcelona, 30 May to 2 June

María Mur Dean (consonni) moderates a panel discussion on contemporary art and production: “Bird and ornhitologist at the same time”. With the participation of Cabello / Carceller, Tere Badia (Hangar), Carles Guerra (MACBA) and Juan Jose Martin Andres & Alba b Boïls Braza (Otro Espacio / Sin Espacio). 


The needs of contemporary artists and the complexity of their works require speaking in terms of production. Art producers and art centres emerge, galleries and museums assume these tasks; much is published on production, highlighting or undermining its importance, and not talking about the same thing. This round table triggers an encounter between different agents of the Spanish art system: from the artistic practice, the production platforms, the museum institution, the art critique, the art markets... How do production and exhibition co-exist? Is a political position inherent to the concept of production? Can we speak of production without acknowledging its modes and conditions? And without taking into account the context? Does the term production favour the understanding of culture as a resource?


 WHAT ABOUT PRODUCTION? arises from the desire of Screen from Barcelona to open a space for reflection to examine collectively professional concerns and challenges regarding the production of films and videos by artists who have been identified at different levels. WHAT ABOUT PRODUCTION? meets in Barcelona distinguished professionals with diverse and complementary experience in the field of audiovisual production, in order to discuss the greatest variety of forms, structures and models of visual art production.


Articulated in six discussion panels curated by its respective moderators, the professional forum for discussion aims to review different platforms and production strategies, identify challenges and outline future prospects by sharing the experiences of the participants. The different tables have been curated and moderated by Bartomeu Marí (Director of MACBA), Luis Miñarro (Director of film producer Eddie Saeta), Mark Coetzee (Director of PUMAVision and chief curator PUMACreative), Davide Quadrio (Director Art and founder of Asia Hub), Maria Ruido (artist and professor at the University of Barcelona) and María Mur Dean (Director of Consonni, Bilbao).

Screen From Barcelona