con_textos @Martí Manen

27/01 - 28/01 2015


con_textos@Martí Manen

con_textos @Martí Manen _ Analyse, assume and react

Tuesday 27 January and Wednesday 28. Full capacity.

At 20.00 public moment with Martí Manen at consonni calle Conde Mirasol, 13, Bilbao.

A workshop on exhibitive practices, speed and systems

The language of exhibition, and exhibition as a format, permit a wide spectrum of possibilities for action and activation. The workshop led by Martí Manen sets out to be a direct approach to modes of exhibition performance, from a critical stance and a desire for affectation. The proposal consists in discussing the linguistic intersection inherent to the exhibitive circumstance in order to eventually turn it on its head, thereby bringing us to moments of uncertainty and a need for dialogue that is not always evident in the context of contemporary art.


con_textos consists of a series of workshops focussed on working around the idea of edition in all the scope of its meaning. Edition as writing and creation, but also as a production process that encompasses a wide range of aspects including design, translation, format, printing, communication and distribution.