Discussion day

Dialogue and collective organization in the visual arts

17/06 - 17/06 2015

in the Bizkaia Aretoa – sala Oteiza (Av. Abandoibarra, 3, Bilbao)

Imagen de la actividad

Within the framework of these discussion days we hope to provide a special focus on dialogue and collective organization, at a time when several new experiences of professional organization are occurring (artist collectives, associations, platforms, ephemeral projects....) in response to the sector’s needs using contemporary instruments of communication and intervention. The aim is to offer a panorama of current experiences in the area covered by the CAV, stimulate interplay with other experiences (that have happened previously, including in other regions) and furnish a framework for debate on the present situation. 

Ania González and Daniel García Andujar will be participating and there will be a series of brief presentations covering a variety of formal and informal, past and present experiences involving collective organization in the CAV: artisten meeting pointa, eremuak, Sarean, S.A., Abisal, Mediaz, Plataforma A, Asamblea Amarika, Geuk.

These discussion days are an activity carried out by consonni in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV/EHU and Kultur Basque