Curating Context

21/03 - 21/03 2017

Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

Imagen de la actividad

consonni will participate at Curating Context – Beyond the Gallery and Into Other Fields describes the field where the curatorial practice is extended beyond curating exhibitions into working with entire contexts. This exciting and laborious curatorial approach where each project sets new demands, requires very specific skills rarely taught in curatorial programs or described in publications.

The project Curating Context consists of an anthology and seminar articulating the why and how of curating art projects that gain their meaning in relation to a surrounding context, or which need a specific structure in order to play out.

The anthology and the seminar reflect on how these curatorial methodologies not only situate works in different places, but also transfer curatorial methods into other fields, such as the contexts of law, urban development, and constructions of the civic. Curating Context departs from a desire to share this sustained conversation among practitioners in the field. It is part of the Public Art Agency Sweden’s program of knowledge development.

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