Radio show consonni

Intellectual property and artistic practices.

22/06 - 22/06 2017

Azkuna Zentroa. Atrium.

Imagen de la actividad

#RadioShowconsonni with Azkuna Zentroa
(Pictures: Maite Arberas): Radio Show consonni

Intellectual property and artistic practices

The next June 22nd, the art producer and publisher consonni, organises along with Azkuna Zentroa a radio programm around intellectual property and artistic practises, run by the commentator Alicia San Juan. Leire Palacios will be the one giving voice to the questions and reflections of the public.

It will be an activity with live audience and online broadcast, where will talk with different specialists of the subject from music, visual arts, law analysis, right management, activism, etc. 

Participant variety like Ainara LeGardon, David García Aristegui, Aneguria, La Basu Marta C. Dehesa, Jaime de los Ríos, Hans Bernhard (Ubermorgen), Yen Tzu Chang, Conchi Cagide, Ane Zabala, Igor Estankona and Dibujatolrato among others, that will allow visualize, share, research and discuss the controversial relationships between intellectual property and artistic practises from different points of view.We will have live music by Aneguria and La Basu.

We can also hear – but in virtual form –  the reflections of Anari,
Jaron Rowan, Servando Rocha and Javier de la Cueva.