Ficction, cultural criticism and feminism

07/10 - 07/10 2017

Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao

Imagen de la actividad

On Saturday 7th October from 12.00pm to 2.00pm Azkuna Zentroa holds the second Radio Show consonni in 2017. A live radio programme with public, broadcast online. Journalist Leire Palacios will host the programme and Alberto de la Hoz will be providing technical support.

Under the heading 'Fiction, cultural review and feminism’ we will tackle cultural review and feminisms from different points of view, via the novel ‘I See / You Mean' (consonni, 2016) by the famous writer, cultural critic and feminist activist Lucy R. Lippard, who will be present via a video interview.

It will be an opportunity to enjoy new musical, stage and sonorous works created for the occasion in order to re-interpret the book chapters. And it will take the form of a group reading of the novel from different views. To this end, we will have the musician Mursego, artists Mabi Revuelta (with Matxalen de Pedro and Otto Castro)Elena Aitzkoa and Macarena Recuerda Shepherd,  dancer & choreographer Idurre Azkue,  performer & dance critic Jaime Conde Salazar*, art critic Peio AguirreDJ Oleaktiff, writers Silvia Nanclares and Kattalin Miner, architect Oihane Ruíz ( in collaboration with Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés), photographer David Hornback, art critic & researcher Paloma Checa-Gismero (via audio) and the musicologist & researcher Agnès Pe.

There will be some radios broadcasting the radio show. Such as, Casares Irratia (Donostia) and Escuela de Radio TEA FM (Zaragoza), 97 Fm live broadcast and Radio Vallekas (Madrid), EISV Radio (Vigo) pre-recorded.

It is a project directed and coordinated by consonni and Azkuna Zentroa, the Regional Council of Bizkaia and Bilbao Ekintza, and with the collaboration of San Miguel.

Free admission with invitation (Collect at Infopuntua) until full capacity is reached.

*PROGRAME EXCHANGE / Thanks to Dantzan Bilaka, we’ll count on the participation of Jaime Conde Salazar. 


Lucy R. Lippard is a writer/curator/activist, author of twenty-four books about contemporary art, activism, feminism, places, photography, archaeology and the uses of the earth. She lives in rural Galisteo, New Mexico, where she publishes a community newspaper. She has received nine honorary titles, a Guggenheim scholarship and a Lannan scholarship, among other awards. Her most recent book is Undermining: A Wild Ride Through Land Use, Politics and Art in the Changing West (2014).

Maite Arroitajauregi "Mursego" (Eibar 1977). Musician and music teacher. Born in Eibar in 1977, Maite Arroitajauregi graduated in violoncello at Gasteiz Senior Conservatory. She created Mursego in 2009, her solo project with which she released her first album ( “bat”), presented live from Paris to Rome on stage. Since then she has continued to search for her own musical language, striving to hybrid avant-garde, folklore and classical music resulting in numerous concerts and 2 more albums ( “bi” and “hiru” released in 2010 and  2013, respectively). Now she is presenting "100% Oion", a collective album aimed at fostering co-existence. Mursego means bat in Portuguese. Mursego makes music with cello, pedal loop station, pipe, Chinese cymbals, slide whistle, tambourine, ukulele, keyboard with coloured lights, autoharp, rhythms, clapping, improvisation and voice.

Macarena Recuerda Shepherd. Visual artist and dancer. She has performed different projects in collaboration with the artists Txalo Toloza, Amalia Fernández, Amanda Pola and Vicente Arlandis. Since 2008 she is a founding member of the platform ‘Colectivo Estraperlo’ for new creators difficult to label.

Idurre Azkue. Dancer and choreographer. She studied Contemporary Dance at the Barcelona Institut del Teatre and was part of the General Eléctrica collective. From there on she has performed as an interpreter and dancer with several choreographers and stage directors interested in exploring new stage languages and forms. She is currently creating her own dance pieces.

Peio Aguirre (1972) is an art critic, writer, independent curator and publisher. He lives in Donostia-San Sebastián. His writing ranges from theory, contemporary art, design and other expressions of popular culture. He wrote the book ‘La línea de producción de la crítica’ (consonni, 2014).

Silvia Nanclares (Madrid, 1975) graduated in Drama at Real Escuela de Arte Dramático in Madrid. In the writing field she has developed theatrical, audiovisual, literary and artistic training projects. She has taken part in the creation of contents for different cultural centres, as well as in collective research projects like #bookcamping. She has collaborated with ‘’ and ‘Periódico Diagonal’ with journalistic narrative articles since 2012. She is the scriptwriter and presenter of the radio programme ‘Carne Cruda’. She is currently part of ‘Pandora Mirabilia-Género y Comunicación’, and is the author of illustrated short story book "El Sur, instrucciones de uso". "Quién quiere ser madre" is her first novel.

David Hornback (Los Angeles, 1962) is a Pulitzer prizewinner with his team of journalists in San Jose Mercury News in 1990 for their report on the “Loma Prieta” earthquake,  San Francisco. As a graphic journalist he has worked for National Geographic, GEO, Time, New York Times and Stern among other graphic media. His work has taken him through 4 continents covering the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Universal Exhibition in Seville 1992, and 60th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings.

Elena Aitzkoa (Apodaka, 1984) is a writer and poet. Her work also includes painting, drawing, performance and directing films in an attempt to reach reality. In 2013 she published her book “La Revolución de las extremidades” and in 2015 she was granted the Gure Artea award for creative activity besides receiving an award in the Generation 2015 Caja Madrid social work competition.

Mabi Revuelta. Born in Bilbao in 1967, she studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country and graduated in 1990. Since then she has exhibited her work professionally and regularly in national and international galleries, art centres, fairs and museums, whilst combining her career as plastic artist with teaching and research into new art pedagogies. She lived in New York from 2000 to 2003, where she completed her education through the International Studio & Curatorial Program on receiving a Grant from Marcelino Botín Foundation in 2003. (with Matxalen de Pedro and Otto Castro)

Jaime Conde-Salazar Pérez (Madrid, 1974) graduated in Art History (1997, Complutense University, Madrid). He earned a MA in Performance Studies (2002, New York University) by means of a MEC-Fulbright grant. He obtained his Advanced Studies Diploma in 2003 and between 2003 and 2006 he directed the “Estrella Casero” Dance Course at Alcalá University, Madrid. He regularly collaborates as a dance critic in different magazines. He was a scholarship trainee at the Real Academia de España in Rome in the academic year 2009/2010. As a playwright he has taken part in the creation processes of Ben Benauisse, I-Chen Zuffellato, Antonio Tagliarini, La Ribot, Claudia Faci, Elena Córdoba, Bárbara Sánchez and Aimar Pérez Galí, among others. In 2015 he published the book "La Danza del Futuro" (Graner-Mercat de les Flors).

Agnès Pe (Lleida, 1985) works with sound beyond any limitation imposed by musical genre or styles. Humour and the insatiable curiosity she shows towards the sound elements she works with are the pillars of her work. She creates sound chains sewn together by giant lines of collages made up of thousands of references of abundant fidelities. She is attracted to the unusual, always seeking new ways of relating to elements which she recomposes via atonality, altered melodies and screeching textures. Classic Speedy, symphonic Eurodance, punch melodies, blackmidi, happy slapped, terminal punk, humpatech, crossover thrash, no genre, midtechno, hardlaptop and powermid are some of the labels defining her music. She has given concerts at CA2M (Móstoles), Macba (Bcn), Larraskito (Bilbao) and Tabakalera (Donosti). She currently presents the radio space "Mitt Paté" on Radio On Berlin.

Oihane Ruiz Menendez, born in Bilbao in 1974, graduated in Architecture from UPV/EHU in 2004. She is trained in Town Planning and Feminist Theory. As founder of Hiria Kolektiboa (2002/2012), she worked in Town Planning + Participation + Gender Perspective (maps of the forbidden city, formations, workshops, diagnoses, etc.). As founder of Pripublikarrak (2005/2008), she undertook projects in the feminist art/activism area. Since 2009 she is a partner at SF38 architecture studio in Bilbao, which undertook the project and work on Plaza Corazón de María, Bilbao. She was also founder of Dunak estudioa s.l. in 2014,  a studio that works on town planning, planning, municipal advisory services, and urban and territorial analysis regarding life sustainability. She has been on leave of absence since 2016 as she lives and works in Madrid.

DJ Oleaktiff (Galdakao, 1980) has spent over 10 years accumulating albums and DJ-ing in different contexts. His style could be defined as eclectic, a pot-pourri of organic electronic and root sounds where the mixing technique is the star. He has DJ-ed at clubs and dives like Shake! and Stereorocks, in the Jazzaldia and BBKLive festivals, as well as at a variety of events ranging from a fashion show to a rural rave.

Kattalin Miner (Hernani, 1988) graduated in Journalism from UPV/EHU and earned a Master´s degree in “Compared Literature - Literary and Cultural Studies” and in “Equality between Men and Women” from UAB and UPV/EHU, respectively. She has worked as a journalist in the field of communication and as an equality educator. She is also known for her feminist career and her work as a columnist in several media. She made her debut as a writer in 2017 with the novel “Nola heldu naiz ni honaino”, winner of the 2015  Igartza Saria grant.