consonni en el IVAM

09/05 - 09/05 2018

IVAM, Calle Guillem de Castro, 118, Valencia

Imagen de la actividad

The next Wednesday, 9th of May, at 7 PM on IVAM (Guillem de Castro street, 118, Valencia) Munts Brunet Navarro (consonni) will presentate “consonni, máquina de cultura crítica desde los feminismos” where she will talk about the editorial production and explain some projects they did. This talk is part of the artistic project and investigation Efecto de una fuerza aplicado bruscamente. It is directed by Pepe Miralles (Xàbia, 1959). The principal aim is to create a genealogy of tales, personal experiences and historical memory about the impact of VIH and SIDA in communities where men have sexual intercourses with other men.

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