Book presentation

Iván de la Nuez - Bilbao

30/11 - 30/11 2018

Librería Cámara, Bilbao

Imagen de la actividad

The next Friday, November the 30th, at 19.30 pm, at Cámara Library (Calle Euskalduna 6, Bilbao) we will present our latest book, Teoría de la retaguardia (paper colection), from the essayist, critic and curator, Iván de la Nuez. He will be accompanied by the writer, Harkaitz Cano.

Teoría de la retaguardia pursues the art tracks that leaves a mark in politics, iconography or literature, areas from where he comes back to his forever-Itaca: the museum. This round trip makes us wonder if the Contemporary Art will never end. If it is mortal, as this book proposes, then it is worth to write and end for it.

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