Claudio Iglesias in arteBA (Buenos Aires)

13/04 - 13/04 2019

arteBA, Isla de Ediciones - Buenos Aires

Imagen de la actividad

Next Saturday 13th of April, the book Corazón y realidad by Claudio Iglesias is presented in Buenos Aires. The presentation is done at the Contemporary Art Fair in Buenos Aires, arteBA, in the section of Isla de Ediciones, and it will count with the involvement of Misionera (Cecilia Closa, Lil Lilen and Melisa Rheingrüber) and the author himself.

Corazón y realidad is a personal portrait of Buenos Aires’s art world in 2000. The appearance of magazines, parties, meeting places and publishing houses led by artists such as ramona, Venus and Eloísa Cartonera project; the effects of the December 2001 crisis; wild dreams and the outlines of a new institutional infrastructure which came with a subsequent economic recovery; blame, euphoria and depression feelings.

We are waiting for you all. Moreover, in the section of Isla Ediciones you can find this and more books of consonni.

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Date: Saturday 13th April
Hour: 15h (Buenos Aires)
Place: arteBA, Isla EdicionesSarmiento avenue 2704, Equinos pavilion (C)
Autonomous city of Buenos Aires