¿Qué haría Barbarella? #03

07/05 - 07/05 2019

Alhóndiga Bilbao, Atrio - Estudio de Radio

Imagen de la actividad

What would Barbarella do?’, in this sonic space, the Bilbao feminist science fiction festival co-ordinator and translator Arrate Hidalgo dissects the key topics on current feminism through science fiction. With scalpel in hand, she takes a speculative text and extracts the debate to look for its mutations in other fiction styles and in contemporary feminist thought. She is accompanied by the critic Laura Lazcano in her section dedicated to audiovisual.

Episode No. 03 Sidereal intimism

7th April from 18.00 to 19.00
In this third episode we follow the tale of the tradition that puts women at the centre of the intimate drama and explore the fictions that have transported that drama to extra planetary dimensions.  We look specifically at the forms that maternity and marital relationships take in literary science fiction, paying special attention to the production in the Spanish-speaking world by the Cuban author and academic Maielis González. Laura Lazcano presents the external space in the audio-visual as a scenario of conflicts codified in the feminine.