BLACK SURGERY | Steal like an artist #01

28/05 - 28/05 2019

Alhóndiga Bilbao, Atrio - Estudio de Radio

Imagen de la actividad

BLACK SURGERY | Steal like an artist is an experimental radio programme where Liben Svaart tackles the idea of stealing like an artist applied to music. In this laboratory-programme songs will be composed from scratch using improvisation, creating techniques and experiments.
Liben Svaart is a sound artist and musician. She works in DTP, which she co-ordinates with Art studies, specialising in Art & Technology. She is currently promoting her first album ‘In Red’, available on YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

#01 Rebuilding the wave

This introductory programme explores how to steal a song to create original works using Plunderphonics. We will have spoken footnotes, sampling visions regarding appropriation by Anki Toner and sound contributions on improvisation by Saioa Olmo.