Book presentation

Iván de la Nuez in Batisfera Bookshop (Valencia)

08/05 - 08/05 2019

Librería Batisfera, Valencia

Imagen de la actividad

Next Wednesday 8th May, Iván de la Nuez presents Teoría de la retaguardia. Cómo sobrevivir al arte contemporáneo (y a casi todo lo demás) in Batisfera Bookshop, with the collaboration of Álvaro de los Ángeles. This presentation is included in 10 sentidos, performing arts festival in Valencia, which is celebrated in the same week.

Teoría de la retaguardia follows the trail of an art that leaves its splinters in politics, iconography or literature, fields from which it returns increasingly battered to its perennial Ithaca: the museum. Resulting from that return trip, this caustic and austere essay – in which Duchamp clashes with La Lupe, the revolution with the museum, Paul Virilio with Joan Fontcuberta or Fukuyama with Michael Jackson – asks if Contemporary Art will ever end. If it results that is mortal, it’s worth it writing an ending.

More about the book:

Date: 8th May
Hour: 19:00h
Place: Batisfera Bookshop
(Reina 167 Street, Valencia)