Book presentation

Aurora Fernández Polanco in Barcelona

28/10 - 28/10 2019

Librería La Central (Carrer de Mallorca, 237, 08008 Barcelona)

Imagen de la actividad

Next monday 28th of october at 19.00 PM in the bookshop La Central (Mallorca Street), Aurora Fernández Polanco presents Crítica visual del saber solitario (Visual critique of solitary knowledge). The philosopher and essayist Marina Garcés and the MACBA's program leader Pablo Martinez accompany the author in the presentation.

An essay wich [argues for aesthetics as knowledge / argues that aesthetics should be knowledge] of a body that is being increasingly damaged by the logics of capital. It sets out its argument through three moments, defined as THESIS, CRISIS and CHAOSMOSIS. It starts with the fantasy of the self-sufficient, sovereign, male subject who considers himself capable of understanding and organising a world from which he keeps himself isolated. This is followed by the revolts of 1968 that exploded the traditional forms of representation; and the revolutions of 2011that proposed the positive value of interdependence, collective creation and social activism. From this perspective the academic protocols of the worlds of art are reviewed. The distinctly political intention of this essay is to invite us to decide on what to save and what to condemn of the world that has orientated our forms of understanding.


Day: Monday, 28th of october
Hour: 19:00 PM
Place: Bookshop La Central (Carrer de Mallorca, 237, 08008 Barcelona)