con_textos (workshops)

2014. Programming around the idea of edition.

con_texts consists of a series of workshops whose focus is to work on the idea of edition in the full sense of its meaning. Edition as writing and creation, but also as a production process that encompasses several aspects including design, translation, format, printing, communication and distribution. There are workshops of a theoretical kind, based on readings and analyses of texts; and others of a practical nature, connected with the editorial production process.

con_textos@Veronica Berger // February 2017

Writing with images. We think about the relation between images and texts as consisting in a range with two ends. At one end there is the illustrative relation (the image makes the text accessible), at the other there is the iconic relation (the text explains the image), but what other readings make the text accessible? In this workshop we will be rethinking the relations between images and texts to discover those apparently invisible possibilities: making them coexist without hierarchies, the symbiotic need that images and texts have for each other, the way they function as a whole. To that end we will consider works that are midway between sculpture and the image; we will read a couple of short texts to underpin ideas and concepts; and we will carry out some small exercises to put what we have discussed into practice.


con_textos@Rosa Llop // October 2017

Rosa Llop, designer and professor at Elisava-UPF, UOC and BAU-Uvic, will be conducting a free workshop on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 October, from 16h to 20h. In this workshop we will be exploring the language of book covers, their expressive character and the methodology for creating them. The aim is to provide participants with the context and tools needed to tackle the creation of book covers, as well as to make a ludic reflection on the expressive capacity of graphic language. Full program

con_textos@Elisa McCausland y Diego Salgado // July 2017

Surviving the mainstream image. In spite of the new status favourable to popular culture in essay-writing and academic circles, what is lacking is a more conscious reading of its images, which frequently fall victim to a playful consumption that barely notices their many complexities. This workshop, structured in two sessions, seeks to awaken in those taking part a critical gaze regarding the most widespread expressions of contemporary audio-visual culture (cinema, comics and other media), which will contribute to resisting their hegemony and, at the same time, evaluate them correctly as something indispensable for understanding our present. Full program

con_textos @Ainara LeGardon // July 2016

Cultural self-management workshop. In her workshops Ainara LeGardon condenses the experience of a musical career that straddles more than a score of years, trying to transmit her knowledge about the tools and options available to artists for project self-management:  legal and technical procedures, notions of Intellectual Property, management ofrights, promotion and dissemination, advice as to how to promote and make the best use of creativity and motivation, etc. Full program.

con_textos @Oriol Fontdevila // June 2016

Performative mediation. What makes mediation a challenge for contemporaneity is the possibility of generating critical knowledge from an empirical and material position, and not exclusively from a discursive and representational perspective, as has often been the case in artistic and curatorial practices. Full program.

con_textos @June Crespo @Elena Aitzkoa // July 2015

 Bulk and text. Practical workshop in which we will work on the idea of edition through proposals linked with the sculptural and poetic practice of Elena Aitzkoa and June Crespo.

We will glide through the impropriety of languages steering the force of desire so as to penetrate the limits of form. Mainly text and sculptural bulk, in both directions and halting at the crossings. Appreciating the moment when the image begins to shape and decide what it wants to be objectified as. Full program

con_textos @Josune Urrutia // June 2015

‘Así me veo’. Seeing ourselves through drawing. A workshop in which illustrator and sketcher artist Josune Urrutia asks us to approach books as an experience. Using the recently published book Así me veo as a reference, we will be working around the self-portrait. Así me veo is a work tool, reading material that encourages reflection and action.

What is a self-portrait? and What are its ingredients? The proposal for the workshop is to look at ourselves through drawing. Full program

con_textos @Garikoitz Fraga @Belleza Infinita // May 2015

The art of editing artfully. Artistic edition workshop. An encounter for reflection on the art of editing, discovering questions, and sharing concerns and experiences. Through small practical exercises, we come up with the usual problems. We consider all the elements that comprise a publication: size, paper, binding, typography, order, layout… We analyse the concepts and narrative structures of a variety of references. Full program

con_textos @Martí Manen // January 2015

A workshop on exhibitive practices, speed and systems

The language of exhibition, and exhibition as a format, permit a wide spectrum of possibilities for action and activation. The workshop led by Martí Manen sets out to be a direct approach to modes of exhibition performance, from a critical stance and a desire for affectation. The proposal consists in discussing the linguistic intersection inherent to the exhibitive circumstance in order to eventually turn it on its head, thereby bringing us to moments of uncertainty and a need for dialogue that is not always evident in the context of contemporary art. Full program