Author: María Ruido
Place and date:

Bilbao, 2010

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2011. The imaginations of work from regional TV in the 80s

Electroclass is artist Maria Ruido's project , around the imaginations of the constructed works from regional TV in the 80s. Taking the ETB archive as base material and the city of Bilbao as a particular case study, this project is a reflection about the dissolution of the concept of  traditional working class, the changes in our working conditions from industrial capitalism to outsourcing and the radical transformation of the city as a “polis” into “Bilbao's brand”

Electroclass is materialised in a video-graphic production of 7 chapters of 7 minutes each, baed in the concept of un-edit ETB's television archive in collision with other audiovisual materials.

Electroclass is a wider project. To contextualize this work we have developed a parallel research through more than 20 interviews to different proffesionals. Luis A. Pousa, Tareixa Navaza, Xavier Giró, Montse Armengou, Ernesto del Río, Fito Rodríguez, Gabriel Villota, David Barbero, Rosa Mª Andrieu, Andeka Larrea, Andoni Ortuzar, Patxi Azpillaga, Josu Rekalde, Miren Etxezarreta, J.M.Gorordo, José Antonio Pérez, Alberto Surio, Maddalen Iriarte, Iñaki Gurrutxaga, Ramón Mur and María PTQK that can be consulted in Intrahistorias section.

In order to put in context the scoop of the film a video and film programming was organised within Zinebi's cinema festival in November 2011: ARTISTS KILLED MEDIA STARS. Films such as Pier Paolo Pasolini and Giovanni Guareschi's “La Rabbia” (1963); Harun Farocki's “Videograms of a revolution” (1992); Alexander Kluge's “The Golden Fleece” (1992) and “Twilight City” (1989) of Black Audio Film Collective, among others  were screened as references for ELECTROCLASS.

ARTISTS KILLED MEDIA STARS was also the name of a seminar that took place in January 2012 in Alhondiga Bilbao and BizBAK UPV/EH with María Ruido, María Mur Dean, Angel Quintana,  Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Ingrid Guardiola, Martha Rosler, Fito Rodriguez, Félix Pérez-Hita and Peter Watkins 


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Directed by:María Ruido
Produced by:consonni
Production year:2011
Languages: German | Spanish | French | English | Italian | Basque
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Formats: DVD and Beta SP


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