Prologue Public Sphere Laboratory

Place and date:

Donostia, Barcelona, Luleå, Stockholm and Madrid, 2014 

2014. Prologue to present Public Sphere Laboratory. In Donostia, Barcelona, Luleå, Stockholm and Madrid

The Public Sphere Laboratory is a space for conducting research, experiments and production of an artistic, reflective, technical and/or theoretical nature around the construction of public sphere through artistic practices. Taking up positions in relation with discourses on public art and presenting the city as a scenario for experimentation and interdisciplinary investigation. We want to recover age-old debates about artistic intervention in (public) space and its aesthetic representation, and debate around the public status of art works. 

The PS Laboratory is a project directed by consonni within the Donostia/San Sebastián, Capital Europea de la Cultura 2016 programme with the support and collaboration of Tabakalera, UPV/EHU, ENPAP (European Network of Public Art Producers) and also of Public Art Agency Sweden (Sweden) and Creative Time New York (USA). A project that will run during 2015 and 2016.

To present this Laboratory, its research lines and methodology a PS Laboratory Prologue will be conducted during the last quarter of 2014, principally in Donostia but also in Barcelona, Luleå, Stockholm and Madrid, comprising different sessions as talks, workshops, meetings where consonni will have the chance of introduce the Laboratory, sometimes as guest, sometimes as host.

On 31 October 2014, consonni is taking part in the TRANS-locations. Temporary experiences, artistic practices and local contexts encounters. Coordinated by Arts Santa Mónica (Barcelona) and Idensitat, session 1 consisting of a prologue.

At a later date, sessions 2 and 3 take place in Sweden (consonni is invited to take part in conferences on art and public space in Luleå and will attend the Creative Time Summit Stockholm organized buy our ENPAP partner Public Art Agency Sweeden).

Sessions 4, 5 and 6 will be organized by consonni and held in Donostia in collaboration with Tabakalera and DSS2016. Session 4 takes the shape of a workshop coordinated by Julia Morandeira and Cristina Garrido on 14 and 15 November in Sukaldea. Session 5 is a workshop coordinated by artist Nuria Güell (10 and 11 December) in Sukaldea. Session 6 is a conference and public debate with Magdalena Malm (Director of Public Art Agency Sweden) in DSS2016Gunea on 11 December.



S4 Public Sphere Workshop through artistic practices

Workshop coordinated by Cristina Garrido (Barcelona) and Julia Morandeira (Bilbao) and comprising one of the sessions in the Public Sphere Laboratory Prologue directed by consonni. Accompanied by a series of invited local professionals (Ricardo Antón Troyas, Arantza Lauzirika, Oihane Ruiz, Nancy Garín, Peio Agirre, June Fernández), working with artistic projects as case studies, a derive together with architect collective Maushaus, Mikel Mazkiaran from SOS Racismo and Edurne Iperribay, architect and member from Foro Mujeres y Ciudad. The coordinators will lead debates and explorations around different notions of the public sphere, the concept of public art and the potential that artistic practices have for creating public sphere. Different work formats will be used for this, including round tables and collective discussions, analysis of projects and experiences, and live streaming of conferences from the international encounter Creative Time Summit Stockholm in Stockholm.