Vuelven las atracciones (The rides are back!)

Author: Saioa Olmo
Place and date:

Bizkaia Theme Park, Bilbao, October of 2007

Press release

2007. Guided tours to the old Bizkaia Amusement Park. Bibao

The Bizkaia Theme Park first opened its doors on September 14th, 1974 and was finally closed down in 1990. Today, one can only envisage the long lost rides, such as the big wheel, the rollercoaster, the Ghost Train, the Octopus or the Crazy Worm. You can still imagine restaurant up and running, there are trays ready to be served, chairs scattered around with an uncanny logic … The fantasy scenes are gradually being taken over by overgrowth. An area once dedicated to fun and entertainment, which although still neglected, continues to be alive with the new attraction of that which has long ago been abandoned.

On 14th September 1974, the Bizkaia Theme Park was originally opened, before it disappeared and was resuscitated 33 years later. 
On 14th September 2007, at 23.00 hours, a video showing fireworks in the theme park will be shown on a large screen in the Plaza del Arriaga (Bilbao), to commemorate the original opening and the temporary reopening in October this year. 
The guided tours began as a communications strategy for Luna Park, but ended up as a new autonomous and independent project.

Seventeen years after closing its doors, during the weekends in the month of October, from the 4th to the 28th, the Artxanda Theme Park is to reopen. This is probably the last opportunity to set foot again in this memorable park.
The rides are back! This is a project which has been developed by the artist Saioa Olmo (Ideatomics) and the art producer Arte Consonni, produced by Consonni will see the park temporarily reopened for guided tours of 10 new attractions, which have appeared out of the blue, and represent both a physical and symbolic route. The Menacing Lair, The Spaceship, The House of the Forgotten Fantasies, Treasures of the 20th Century, The Parliament of the, United Fun Rides, The Amphibious Experience, The Paradise Cruise, The Wild Stampede, The Lost Jungle, The Tower of Memories.

¡Vuelven las atracciones! This is a project which has been developed by the artist Saioa Olmo (Ideatomics) and the art producer Arte Consonni, produced by Consonni with the collaboration of the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia (through its Department of Culture, Department of Inland Revenue and Finance and Department of Transport), the Basque Government (Department of Culture). And with the collaboration of Raquel Meyers, José Luis Roncero, Eneko (Ubiqa), Javier Garduño, St3 Elkartea, Sergio (Izate), Aiora Kintana, Garikoitz Fraga, Roberto Bergado, printer Dos-bi, Tarima, Garbiketa and Eurostudy.


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