Kepa Garraza

Author: Kepa Garraza
ISBN: 978-84-942155-1-3
Product features:
Dimensions: 0 x 210 x 210 mm
, 168 Pages
Edition: 2014
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA
Type: Book
Language: Spanish, Basque and English
Design: Maite Zabaleta
Supporters: Basque Government

This catalogue is a collection of the works that artist Kepa Garraza has been developing from 2007 to the present date. They break down into three differentiated series, each with well-defined visual and conceptual characteristics. The catalogue is rounded off with texts produced especially for this publication, written by two art critics of recognised standing: Paco Barragán and Ángel Calvo Ulloa. This book offers the reader a chance to observe Kepa Garraza’s work within a broad time context, and a better understanding of his motivations and objectives as an artist.

Kepa Garraza began to exhibit his work in 2004, receiving various awards and winning different competitions which enabled him to show his works on certain national and international circuits. Since then he has held individual shows in the Sala Rekalde and in galleries in Madrid, Bilbao, Dusseldorf and Beijing. His creations can be seen not only in private Spanish and international collections, but also in the collections at Artium and la Comunidad de Madrid, and in the Colección Arte Contemporáneo del Museo Patio Herreriano.

Kepa Garraza’s work dwells on the nature of the images we consume on a daily basis. Through fictional scenarios in which a parallel reality is recreated, he invites spectators to question problematics associated with identity and the manipulation of information. His productions challenge official discourses, and raise doubts about processes of institutional legitimation. Through his ironic acid-laced gaze we are offered alternatives to the reality we know and are suggested to indulge in a salutary exercise: always be wary of the official version.