La dominación y lo cotidiano. Ensayos y guiones

Author: Martha Rosler
ISBN: 978-84-16205-43-1
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, 224 Pages
Edition: 2019
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Type: Libro
Language: Español
Design: Maite Zabaleta
Translation: Gemma Deza Guil y Eduardo García Agustín
Layout: Zuriñe de Langarika Samaniego

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“Certera, comprometida y brillante en sus análisis, Martha Rosler desgrana en los artículos y guiones aquí traducidos las casi siempre opacadas relaciones entre los media, el Estado y la familia como reverberaciones distintas y complementarias del poder, evidenciando diferentes formas de sujeciones y límites (tantas veces) no visibles, y dirigiendo su atención especialmente a las consecuencias que estas estructuras y estereotipos tienen sobre mujeres, personas racializadas o no heteronormativas.” María Ruido

This book presents a newly collected selection of essays and performance and video scripts by artist Martha Rosler, with special emphasis on the construction of the public sphere and the myths of everyday life. The book explores topics ranging from everyday life and the mass media to national security and war and conflict, especially as they affect women. Taking as a starting point her essay Domination and the Everyday —which gives the book its titlethe following pages explore the long career of an artist well known for her videos, performances, photos, and other works, as well as for being one of the most original and influential cultural and theoretical critical voices of the past forty years. This book shows Rosler’s ability to create an artwork and generate a discourse to contextualize it. In texts from 1975 to 2016, Rosler reflects on feminist art, the idea of the artist-mother, and gentrification in relation to culture, among many other subjects.

Martha Rosler works in diverse media, including video, photography, photo-text, performance, sculpture, and installation. A longtime feminist, her work often centers on the public sphere and landscapes of everyday life, especially as they affect women. Some of her best-known works deal with documentary and representation. She has frequently addressed war and the national security climate, connecting daily life at home with the conduct of war abroad. An important body of work addresses urbanism, gentrification, and the role of artists. Her work has been widely exhibited, and she has published several books of photographs and of critical writing. She has received numerous awards for her work, including several from feminist art organizations in the US.

Rosler lives and works in Brooklyn.

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