Paper CollectionPaper is a space for critical thought. The diverse methods of modern criticism are to be explored, thus exposing the directions taken by artistic production in questioning contemporary society.
Proyectos CollectionProyectos collection is formed by a series of publications that compiles the development of art projects created by other agents (artists, curators...) and also, in some cases, by consonni. Apart from the documentary intention, these are independent devices, with its own content and own format, which provide context and development to the work in which they are based.
El Origen del Mundo CollectionThe collection “The Origin of the World” follows the trail of other forms of thinking, feeling and representing life. From a feminist and ironic perspective we resignify the title of the well-known painting by Courbet in order to delve into the relationship between science, economics, culture and territory. Literature that speculates, fictionalizes and dissects realities in order to imagine worlds. Submerged in turbulence, we amplify contagious ideas and activate theories of the very beginning.



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