Thanks Pablo Marte for reminding me of Peter Weiss HPC@JGF_S01

Thanks Pablo Marte for reminding me of Peter Weiss and Thank you consonni, for your work and for inviting me. I Believe I'm / it's fake, I Believe I'm / it's for Real in Memory we Trust. is an attempt to convey an experience of to suddenly physically perceive the extent of the personal responsibility of a political situation and to discover that the political involvement previously been superstructure, a construction, abstract.


The work is a proposal on how an exploration of a how can be driven forward. By trying a kind of a materiality of democracy as a method to form words to form a will or to form a will and then words.


I thought it all began with an existing desire, then the words would come that drafted the document and then finally we would manifest it and gain satisfaction or not.

But it has not worked; I'm trying a different order.

I start with the grip on the megaphone, and tries out how an amplified voice sounds. 

I go in a protest march and feel the power of collective bodies, in public space, walking in the same direction.

I managed to walk in the same direction.

And we saw and heard that we have not yet formulated words for what we want. And this made us feel a need to form the words, the actions, and the will.

The vulnerability of the hilarious situation -not to have words on what needs to be said

-is absurd, humorous.

We rock like newly hatched chickens.

I also want to tell that I have taken the word political in my mouth too many times recently and that my fingers too cleverly finds P, O, L, I, T, I, and C on the keyboard.




Thanks Pablo Marte for reminding me of Peter Weiss HPC@JGF_S01