07 / 10 / 2019

#05: Silvia Guerrico (1905-1983)

‘Cerca del cielo no se vive bien. Historias del éter’, presented by Xabier Erkizia, is another programme which consonni presents. It is a radio programme about the radio, and a proposal which reviews, through several characters of the twentieth century, not only the forms this medium has evolved into since its beginnings, but also the forms it could have turned into. It is also a forensic analysis of a means of communication which, in addition to proposing a new world model, has radically changed the way of understanding the body. In conclusion, a series of stories of the ether, written from the site.

Xabier Erkizia (Lesaka, 1975) is a sound artist, producer and curator. All his works are based on phenomenology in the context of sound and listening, and are developed through formal, aesthetic or political research, paying special attention to the geographical condition. He works or has worked as a co-director of the ERTZ (1999-2018) event and as sound department coordinator of the Arteleku Centre (2002-2014). He is the founder of the sound archive of the Basque Country soinumapa.net and is currently a member of the AUDIOLAB association. During the last few years he has been working as an invited professor in various schools and universities.

Episode #05. 'Silvia Guerrico (1905-1983)'

Shortly after birth, the radio established the parameters on which voice policies would be governed for a whole century. The radio, country and exile of incorporeal presences meant at the same time a constant laboratory and a kind of cage for those who believed in change through the ear. Silvia Guerrico (1905–1983), a Uruguayan journalist and writer, was one of the most recognizable voices during the early start of Argentine radio, and perhaps her first great victim. For her, it was said that women and microphones were not compatible


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