HPC Gau irekia@Sra. Polaroiska. La habitación suena de otra manera

13/12 - 14/12 2014


Imagen de la actividad

Session 1 at 19.00 / Session 2 at 20.00 / Session 3 at 21.00

consonni will be joining in the third edition of Gau Irekia, organized by Sarean, a network consonni is a member of. More than fifty activities at around forty venues in the neighbourhood, and all on just one night.

We share a room. It’s a blind date. We know one another and, perhaps without knowing it, we recognize each other. With no shapes, no clear contours, without artifice, (pre)conceptions are deactivated. The perceptive state changes, the perspective is altered. I want you to listen to me. The space is modified. The room becomes an extension of our bodies and the shadows are in charge. Some senses are turned off and others light up. I don’t know who you are but it doesn’t matter to me. Fantasy floods the room and other ways of relating and socializing are triggered off. We’re making neighbourhood. Ms Polaroiska: “One of our methods for work, play, reflection... Displacement, so we can look at ourselves, see ourselves, relate in another way.”

Sra Polaroiska