con_textos @Josune Urrutia

24/06 - 25/06 2015

in consonni (c/Conde Mirasol 13-LJ1D, Bilbao)

Así me veo

con_textos @Josune Urrutia. ‘Así me veo’. Seeing ourselves through drawing

A workshop in which illustrator and sketcher artist Josune Urrutia asks us to approach books as an experience. Using the recently published book Así me veo as a reference, we will be working around the self-portrait. Así me veo is a work tool, reading material that encourages reflection and action.

What is a self-portrait? and What are its ingredients? The proposal for the workshop is to look at ourselves through drawing.

It is not a fundamental requirement to have notions of drawing to participate. Our starting point is that we all have the ability to draw, with more or less skill. Technique is not everything. To draw it is essential to exercise the capacity of observation. Observing and drawing and observing and drawing... that’s what we’ll be practising in the workshop. So if you’re coming you must feel like drawing, playing and, above all, being surprised.


Free workshop with prior registration, and a limited number of places.

Registration before 22 June writing to in reply to the following question: Why are you interested in the workshop?

Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 June from 16.30 to 20.30

in consonni (c/Conde Mirasol 13-LJ1D, Bilbao) 


con_textos consists of a series of non-regulated training workshops with a working focus on the idea of edition in the full sense of its meaning and in relation with artistic practices.

Josune Urrutia