HPC @Sahatsa Jauregui. "Del cuarenta al uno"

16/12 - 16/12 2017

(C/ Conde Mirasol, 13-LJ1D, Bilbao)

Imagen de la actividad

The 16th of December, Saturday, in consonni and inside Gaur Irekia we will present this project with Sahatsa Jauregui in which we have been working for a long time.

HPC, Habitación Propia Compartida (“shared room of one´s own”), is a residence programme who has the objective of creating a public experiment in consonni, Bilbao.

“From the 40th to 1st sounds as a pachanga´s radio music show. On the 40th of Cortes Street I live and on the 1st of the same street it is my studio. My studio or Room of one´s own is exactly in front of consonni, who has also been doing radio shows, but not pachanga´s radio shows. The geographical space that divides these two points will be my working area, an spatial interval which will prolong from Cortes Street to San Francisco Street. I will work with the aesthetic that is shown in the most charismatic locals of this stretch and I will elaborate some sculptures based on the existing memories.

Saturday 16 December:
  • 13.00h  Talk by Sahatsa Jauregui in the consonni office where the artist will reveal certain keys to her working process. After the talk, vermouth.
  • From 20.30h to 21.30h the consonni office will be open to the public to view a sample of Sahatsa Jauregui’s working processes in this project. The sculptures she has made will be on display in different bars in the neighbourhood:

    - Bar Ortiz, Cortes 12
    - Bar Urquiola, San Francisco, 23
    - Bar Nervión, San Francisco, 29
    - Bar Chicote, San Francisco, 33
    - Bar Hilargi, San Francisco, 53
    - Berebar, San Francisco, 65

Sahatsa Jauregui Azkarate (Itaparica, Bahía, 1984) works in arts since in 2007 when she graduated in Fine Arts on the University of the Basque Country. Since then, she has shown her work in different spaces such as: Carreras Múgica, Bilbao;  Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz; Espacio Abisal, Bilbao; Koldo Mitxelena, Donostia-San Sebastian or Igartza Jauregia, Beasain. She won the first prize of novel artists from Guipúzcoa in 2013 and Ertibil in 2017. Also she has realized artistic residences in Berkley´s Pacific Film Achieve and in Bilbaoarte. In 2015 she coordinated with Leire San Martín series of Ulrike Ottinger´s films and designed Fermin Muguruza´s Black is Beltza exhibition and Tirabirak project. Currently, she is part of the association Okela.