What is consonni

consonni is an interdependent publisher based in a cultural space located in the San Francisco district of Bilbao. Since 1996 we have been producing critical culture and at present we have opted for the printed word – together with the word that is whispered, heard, silenced or recited; the word that becomes action, that becomes body. From the expanded field of art, literature, the radio and education, our ambition is to alter the world that we inhabit and in turn to be altered by it.

Undergoing constant mutation, consonni is an androgynous and polycephalic creature, with feminisms and the ability to listen as its superpowers. We place our bets on short distances. Setting out from the social and solidarity economy and from our immediate community, we support and amplify local and international creative talent.

We publish books, ebooks and podcasts with the goal of sharing extraordinary thinking, throwing literary genres into disarray and transgressing the essay and fiction. We produce art projects and organise workshops, meetings, debates, radio-shows and artistic residences in our space and in other places and cities, collaborating with a diverse range of accomplices.