04 / 10 / 2019


Where is the intellectual property going to?

Conchi Cagide and Idoia San Matías, lawyers from Intangia, specialists in Intellectual Property, will try to bring authorship rights to the street, both to artists and citizens, delving into intellectual property, while discussing new developments and changes, and getting to know experiences of both artists and users.

Episode #02. 'Intellectual Property in feminine'

We will talk about Intellectual Property in feminine, giving visibility to women artists, entrepreneurs, cultural managers and workers, by analyzing the options of managing inclusive language in the field of authorship rights and the latest studies on women in culture.

Participants: Idoia San Matías and Conchi Cagide, Intangia asociation lawers; Oskia Ugarte, codirector of Huarte, Centro de Arte contemporáneo, Itziar Luri, Labrit Multimedia Manager, Patryzia Alvárez, music artist, and Ainara LeGardon, multidisciplinar artist, will be live in the programme alongside Mercedes Lezaun, pedagogue, mediator and teacher, Marta C. Dehésa, lawer and Nerea Aguado, especialist in inclusive language, as external collaborators.