04 / 10 / 2019


Where is the intellectual property going to?

Conchi Cagide and Idoia San Matías, lawyers from Intangia, specialists in Intellectual Property, will try to bring authorship rights to the street, both to artists and citizens, delving into intellectual property, while discussing new developments and changes, and getting to know experiences of both artists and users.

Episode #01. 'Let’s talk about intelectual property'

We will bring the intellectual property to who corresponds, not only to artists but also to the citizens, through a debate on current and controversial issues. We will count, from the radio studio, with the collaboration of Mercedes Lezaun (mediator, Mediation and development Centre) and by phone, with the expert on blockchain tech Bárbara Román (NoLegal Tech), the expert on intellectual property by thinking design Mare Blanco and the artist and Creative commons user Cesare Maglioni.