Assorted confabulations: fiction + interference

Author: Catsuo Roberts (curator)
Place and date:

Consonni Factory, Bilbao, 1997

Press release

1997. A video programme broadcast on TV. Consonni Factory, Bilbao.

A video programme broadcast on television, which dealt with the subject of narration and account and variations thereon, from story to film production, presenting works by Joaquim Koester, Joël Bartoloméo, Itziar Okariz, Jon Mikel Euba, Pierre Huyghe, Rebecca Bournigault, Matthew Buckingham, Karen McKinnon, Rainer Oldendorf and Frank Scurti.

Produced by consonni in collaboration with the Institut Français, Bilbao with the support of Canal Bizkaia, Vidi-Square, Arteleku, La Fundición, Minister des affaires étrangères (FIPEC, A.F.A.A), the Basque Government - Arts Department.