At consonni production meets up with publishing. Publishing production is not only the manufacture of books, it is above all the reproduction of ideas, of critical thought. At consonni publications have become a space of resistance.

After many years producing very different types of projects, publishing has become a space for common reflection that materializes the ideas that underpin artistic productions although they are not even mentioned. The narrative is what remains.

consonni navigates between cultural criticism and critical culture. Cultural criticism that analyzes cultural phenomena and products, and critical culture that draws on critical thought about the context where it is located. This mission is best fulfilled by the Paper collection. Published under Creative Commons licenses, new writers can be found together with established writers, local writers alongside international writers, in editions that involve assiduous translations and experimentation with literary formats, content and genres, multiplying the possibilities of writing, editing, publishing and reading cultural criticism.

This year, 2018, we increase the editorial production which has some succulent novelties. We start the year publishing a book about the relation between mediation and art by the critic and curator Oriol Fontdevila El arte de la mediación, we continue with Corazón y realidad a short novel-essay-biography which analyses with a lot of humour the Argentinian context of the last millennium by the hand of the Argentinian art critic Claudio M. Iglesias, we will publish an unpublished book of the recognised artist Martha Rolser as well as the translation of the acclaimed art essay Video Green by the writer, art critic and editor Chris Kraus. Also, we will republish a revised version of Ojos y capital by Remedios Zafra, which is sold out. There will also be surprises.


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