Id+consonni. Jueves Milagro

Author: Xelo Bosch and Cyrille Larpenteur
Place and date:

Sondika, 2009

Press release

2009. An open call where the proposal winner uses the miracle as an extraordinary and marvelous fact. Sondika

Using Luis G. Berlanga’s “Los jueves, milagro” film as a starting point, the "Thursday miracle" proposal develops as a metaphor which seeks to recover the more extraordinary and wonderful meaning of the word miracle, retaining the part relating to creativity while totally discarding the term’s Catholic connotations. A metaphor of the artist, of the work and what is expected of him or her is put forward. Irony which manages to make some of the common hopes of the people of Sondika more visible or less invisible.

The ideas for making miracles will be generated by the “Taller de milagros”/miracle workshop; the ideas can also be placed in the miracle jars located in different public spaces. What is special about this workshop is how it combines the use of art resources with basic citizen participation methods. It is thus by creating dynamics of the exchange of knowledge and skills that the group reaches its full dimensions. Therefore, the starting point will be the townspeople’s perception of their urban environment, Sondika, and Sondika’s relation with the presence of the “non-airport”, the repercussions of its location and its subsequent removal, after which they still hear and live with it... and last of all, Sondika and its relation with the nearby city of Bilbao.

In October, more than likely on the Second of October, “miracles” will be held, that is, the public events deriving from the different wishes expressed in workshops or gathered in jars. They will be public acts that include and reflect the wishes of the people of Sondika regarding their own town, identity, their relation with the airport, etc.


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