Author: Itziar Okariz
Place and date:

Getxo-Portugalete, 2004

Press release

2004. Video directed by Itziar Okariz. Getxo- Portugalete

From Rontegi Bridge, where Olaf Breuning conceived the photo for the sleeve of Begoña's album, a group of people head en masse for the Hanging Bridge of Portugalete.
Itziar Okariz's works, acts performed in urban spaces, are a reflection on social and political norms. The punk-rock music and its related culture is constantly cropping up to capture matters related to gender and sexed behaviour. With explicit references to groups like Peaches whose singer wipes out the limits between the stage and the audience, Itziar Okariz recovers rock's iconic attitudes for the event on the Hanging Bridge: Begoña steps on the body of a car and throws herself onto the spectators pressed tightly around her. A sea of hands are raised to support her and turns into a virtual platform on which she can walk and cross the river without touching the ground.

Produced by consonni and Arteleku with the backing of the Regional Council of Gipuzkoa, the Regional Council of Bizkaia, the Basque Government – Department of Culture, Montehermoso Culture Centre, the Ede Foundation and in collaboration with Subterfuge Records and BAI, Barakaldo Theatre School.


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