In the ninth programme of Trincheras de la Cultura Pop (Pop Culture Trenches), Elisa McCausland and Diego Salgado interview the comic artists Carla Berrocal and Marcos Prior regarding this area of culture and its expressive possibilities: the look of the painter and the look of the one who analyse, from a critical perspective, the experimental possibilities of the cartoons…

As usually happens at Tricheras de la Cultura Pop, we owe the sound accompaniment to Yogur de Pera.


In the eighth programme of Trincheras de la Cultura Pop (Pop Culture Trenches), Elisa and Diego talk about the nature of the advertising industry nowadays and our relation with it, on the basis of the fuss caused this Christmas by the ad of a particular product which defended the freedom of expression. Is advertising the best fiction form that represents us today?




In the seventh programme of Trincheras de la Cultura Pop (Pop Culture Trenches), Elisa and Diego talk about the connection between the fourth wave of feminism and the past culture, and also the role of the women in these events, on the basis of the last series of cultural claims in recent times. The success, paradoxes and also the mystifications that give rise to this increasingly accelerated claim, and what it says about personal and collective cultural experiences and its evolutions.

Homenaje a la filósofa Celia Amorós

Entrevista con Jessa Crispin

A Distinctive Voice: Tracey Thorn Goes On Record

Muriel Box, la directora británica más prolífica y de la que nunca has oído hablar

Alice Guy-Blaché (Wikipedia en inglés)




In the sixth programme of Tricheras de la Cultura Pop (Pop Culture Trenches), Elisa McCausland and Diego Salgado talk about the world of YouTube, Instagram and their actors. The pretensions of originality and reality of youtubers and instagrammers, are they really true? Are compatible this figures with more traditional forms of expression? What does the use of tools to publish content in YouTube or Instagram say about our level of independency and talent? These and other aspects are discussed throughout the programme.



Canal de YouTube de Kate Cooper

Eloy Fernández Porta (y otros), YouTubers, personas y cintas de vídeo

Byung-Chul Han, Hipermodernidad

Iván Pino, Cómo los datos sociales están transformando las relaciones públicas

Shane, Weird Side of YouTube


In the fifth programme of Tricheras de la Cultura Pop (Pop Culture Trenches), Elisa McCausland and Diego Salgado, with the collaboration of Jordi Costa, make an account of these alienated area, which are in the shadow of the majority,  but they are unexpectedly  able to define themselves in a more precise way than when we analyse it from its inside: the uncultural, the underground, the invisible and even the ethics and esthetics of disappearance, all in this episode that also has space to discuss both the meaning of the critic itself and a cultural analysis surrounded by the disruption in which we are living.

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Frédéric Martel, Cultura Mainstream: Cómo nacen los fenómenos de masas

Homero Aridjis, Los Invisibles

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