11 / 06 / 2019

Rompecabezas #03

Contracömic is a radio programme presented by Borja Crespo and Elizabeth Casillas which aims to discover other worlds in this one, via a comic and its multiple possibilities. The fanzine as an artistic object, self-publication as a form of expression, a comic as activism and a critical tool, the committed cartoon, etc. It is focused on exploring the crossed fertilisation between the graphic medium and other arts, giving a voice to new trends, discovering new talents and essential authors which have opened up new expression channels. Contracömic conceives a public interested in culture in general and comics in particular.

Episode #03. Brainteaser

In its third edition, Contracömic analysis the contribution of comics to such an interesting topic as ‘mental illnesses’ citing works such as the recent She could fly or a classic like Epileptic, among other essential titles. The programme broadcasters, Elizabeth Casillas and Borja Crespo, will be interviewing Lorenzo Montattore, one of the most suggestive talents in today’s panorama with works like La muerte y Román Tesoro or ¡Cuidado, que te asesinas’. Female illustrator Higi Vandis will be taking part in the discussion at the end, regarding the boundaries between comics and other disciplines within their wide spectrum.