20 / 10 / 2008

Amadrinar consonni, support us

consonni has launched a campaign called “amadrina consonni" that it means in a funny way smething like "support consonni"”. The aim of the campaign is to continue with the diversification of funding sources.


consonni has been looking into the different possible ways of financing, taking into account its management model, the activities it pursues, the context in which it exists and operates, and the fact that the means and sources of funding are never devoid of ideology. In this respect, consonni is a non-profit making organisation that works in the production of contemporary art and does not wish to become a service provider.
Its fundamental means of financing is varied and undergoing change and self-analysis in order to adapt to its particular characteristics. From institutional aid in the shape of subsidies from different local and international institutions and/or specific agreements, and also the exchange of services for concrete projects, sponsorship, agreements with private institutions, co-production of projects with other art structures, the development of art such as site specific projects in specific localities. 
"amadrinar", nothing new
As it is no longer possible to create on the basis of orginality and novelty (elements which are typical of modernity), already foreseen by poststructuralist theory, in its stead, one aims at reinterpretation, resignification and a turnabout in language with an aim to broadening the concept of art and establishing it as a communicative and relational act. Thus, consonni is only taking its head out of the sand, just like the ostrich, and looking beyond in order to see and analyse other models (other players in the tertiary sector and other structures of contemporary art which differ greatly among themselves) and to get something from each of them to apply to consonni and thus, among many other measures, springs the chance to support consonni.
“amadrinar” in Spanish, the term
In its definition of the term “amadrinar”, the Royal Spanish Academy says: “Said of a woman: to protect or be patron to somebody, a body or an initiative”, as opposed to the term “apadrinar” which simply means protect or be patron to, be it a man or a woman. As always occurs in Spanish, the masculine term becomes the generic term. Given the chance to play with language and, as consonni has a feminist conscience, and we thought that “apadrinar” sounded paternalistic and comes with its own preconceptions whereas it is true that “amadrinar” is less common and therefore also less manipulated, more virgin, with more possiblities. Consequently, be it a man or a woman or someone genderless whoever is protecting or being a patron to consonni, they will be sponsoring (amadrinando) it.

"amadrinar", the process
It is a process that arose from the precariousness typical of the art system and as a reflection on the existing means of funding, seeking to ensure that the means of funding adapt to consonni’s different activities, working and way of thinking and not the other way around.  This way of supporting consonni has been advertised in consonni’s website for just over a year and it is yielding results. We have now decided to inform society of this possibility to make a financial contribution to consonni which may be in a lump sum or in periodic instalments.
"amadrinar", its accomplices
So a formula was sought to reward all sponsors interested in supporting consonni financially with tax incentives (depending on the region and the country). consonni will provide each participant who is willing to sponsor them with the possibility of obtaining priority knowledge of consonni's work and to obtain, in exchange, certain materials, invitations to activities, a media presence linked to projects and encounters with participating partners in each project. Given that consonni has been declared a priority activity by the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia (local Goverment), all donations are tax-deductible to maximum allowable amount. The percentages of the tax benefits may vary depending on the region or country in which you are a resident for tax purposes.

amadrina consonni


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