ID+consonni: general rules

Production projects call at Sondika

Rules of the call, you can download here as attached file in the end of this post

Acceptance of proposals ends on Friday February 13 2009



IDENSITAT is an artistic project devoted to investigating ways of impacting on public space using creative proposals relating to place and territory from a physical and social dimension. Idensitat is established as a network production and investigation space rooted in the kind of art that experiment with new forms of involvement and interaction within the social context. Idensitat took off in 1999 in the small Catalan municipality of Calaf as a project that developed interventions within public space, devised by creators from different disciplines. Idensitat has progressed by creating a network of collaborators in different places (Calaf, Manresa, Mataró, El Priorat, Barcelona) and seeking out methodologies for the interaction of creation projects with differently nuanced social, cultural and political contexts, transforming itself into an internationally respected call to artists.

consonni, a contemporary art production based in Bilbao since 1997, invites artists to develop artistic projects that do not adopt an ‘art object to be shown in an exhibition space’ approach. consonni looks for the most suitable spaces for each project, and for local and international collaborators and multidisciplinary professionals with whom to develop art projects from a critical perspective and based on networking. Artistic production in its most immaterial communicative sense and the art system itself are not only its praxis and context but part of the actual analysis and questioning that consonni sets off in each project.
For some time now consonni had been wanting to organise a public call as another formula for working with artists and IDENSITAT fancied sharing actions with other similar projects with their base in other territories. So the collaboration arose naturally and consonni proposed Sondika as the place of intervention.
Production projects
ID+consonni opens a new international project production call directed towards contemporary artists and creators (individually or collectively) willing to contribute proposals within the sphere of public space from a cross-disciplinary perspective and to interact via different strategies within the social space of the context involved (Sondika).
ID is IDENTITY-DENSITY, the synthesis that initially provided the project with its name but that might also mean Investigate-Develop Invent-Discover Implement-Operate Affect-Define Involve-Denounce Itinerate-Derive Integrate-Shift Question-Debate Innovation-Decrease Exchange-Development, among many other combinations of terms. Both public space and public domain are concepts of permanent discussion and updating.  ID is an open laboratory that delves into these aspects and the projects are understood as investigations within this field.
consonni does not work exclusively on the analysis of public space but on each occasion finds the space proper to each project, which gradually modulates with the artists who are invited to take part in joint collaboration. This time, as an experiment, the process is inverted and a specific space is proposed for intervention, while a variety of artists can put themselves forward. For consonni it is fundamental to investigate the term and format of immaterial production and this call enables it to continue in its production company role and to work as an intermediary between the artists and the local contexts. consonni argues that the specificity of art can contribute its own complex forms of analysis and investigation.
Consequently, production projects that intervene in public space are called to seek interaction with different social sectors and suggest contemporary strategies of creation incorporating specific aspects of the context and/or deploying communication actions within the corresponding environment. The calls include both projects based on medium to long-term work processes and more occasional or ephemeral intervention projects, but they always use infrastructures, communications media or mechanisms that already exist in the territory. These projects should facilitate responses or renew questions, detect conflicts or pose negotiation strategies: in short, they should accelerate or mitigate the permanent tension that comes within public space.
Sondika (

The anteiglesia (iglesia=church) of Sondika is a municipality in the province of Bizkaia, Euskadi, Spain. A anteiglesia is a typically district town of the province of Bizkaia, which has its origin in the community which organized around a church and had as government body the assembly of all the neighbours which celebrated it in an open council in a porch or atrium of the parish church. This custom comes from the name of that term. Sondika is situated in the district of Txorierri it lies at a mere 5 km from Bilbao. Along with all the other municipalities in the area it forms part of the spread of Greater Bilbao, product of the population saturation on both banks of Bilbao’s river (the Nervion estuary).
The old loading terminal for the airport, situated in the town of Sondika, it now serves as terminal charges and covers a good part of the airport services. The new terminal of passengers, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is situated within the municipality of Loiu. The construction permit for Sondika airport was granted in July 1936 and the first plane landed there in 1948. Sondika was affected by the siting of the airport within its territory, which completely changed its positioning and organisation as a municipality and actually led to its being annexed to Bilbao from 1966 until 1982. Sondika today has some 5000 inhabitants.
Through this call Sondika wishes to point to that very loss of identity it suffered with the arrival of the airport, which forced its inhabitants to build a new municipality. The proposal is that artists or artists’ collectives with an interest in having an impact on the borough, through projects designed for public space that pose contemporary creation strategies incorporating specific aspects for the context, should concentrate on its very identity as a municipality and on the involvement of its inhabitants in recent history, not in a nostalgic but in a reactivating sense of exploration of its own identity.
ID+ consonni projects a minimum of 2 moments of presence in the borough for the artists’ collective or individual artist (a first stage of investigation that is planned between the months of April and May and a second stage for the execution of the project, expected to take place in June or even after the summer in the months of September, October or November).
ID+ consonni contemplates a maximum period of presence for the artist of 30 days between these two visits. The project cannot continue beyond a period of 9 months, which means it must be completed before the end of 2009, although the diffusion of the results may continue into 2010. Within these date-frames, candidates commit themselves to take part in parallel activities that will be organised by consonni or IDENSITAT: press conferences, servicing the media, etc... consonni will be responsible for communication strategies along with Idensitat and the municipality of intervention (Sondika).
consonni is in charge of organising all procedures to do with travel and accommodation, as well as all the production administration required by the artist. In addition, consonni will be responsible for developing fluent communication with the person designated as interlocutor for the borough and with the territorial monitoring team.
With ID+ consonni mechanisms will be activated to reinforce the presentation and diffusion of each of the projects in line with the intrinsic characteristics of the different productions. This will involve the facilitating of specific presentation formats such as interventions in public space, exhibitions, publications, and so forth. The exhibition concept will thereby be replaced by formats of visibility that will adapt to the logic of each project and can be presented jointly (along with the results of IDENSITAT#5) or autonomously both in Euskadi and in Cataluña.
ID+ consonni will lay special emphasis on the general communications media so that the host municipalities can share in the project experiences and will at the same time publicise the results.
ID+ consonni intend to stimulate debate and reflection around the different procedures and contexts involved and to relate them to the projects developed. Moments of presentation and debate around the projects produced may be organised within the presentation framework of IDENSITAT#5, an international call within Catalan territory for the production and diffusion of projects during 2009, developed by IDENSITAT.
The strategy of communication, divulgation and interpretation of the different projects will unfold via IDENSITAT and consonni publications and Webs. One thing that has been considered is the possibility of a specific production project being formalised in the shape of a publication. In all cases, ID+ consonni will establish the framework for integrating it within a coherent editorial approach, along with the rest of the projects that emerge from IDENSITAT#5 or on their own account. Via consonni and IDENSITAT Webs there will be permanent updating of information around the projects, the processes involved and all the activities set in play by ID+ consonni. The creation of specific content for the Web is also projected, using text, image or video format.
Open call
You can found on the website the documents forms to send the projects proposals.

Proposals must be sent, preferably in digital format, to
Or by post to:
C/ Simón Bolívar 8B E-48010 BILBAO
Tel. +34 944 432 390

To formalise the presentation of proposals, the following material must be attached:
- Document form ID+consonni: document written, which define the basics lines of the project (with budget and a schedule), to fill in. You can found it on the consonni website. Is essential to fill in this document.
- A maximum of 8 images to facilitate comprehension of the project.
- Images and texts showing other projects or work carried out (5000 characters and a max. of 8 images to facilitate comprehension of the project or Web reference).
Acceptance of proposals ends on Friday February 13 2009, this date being inclusive.
The selection of the projects will fall to a committee formed by a group of professionals from the field of contemporary creation:
María Mur Dean, sociologist and director of consonni
Ramón Parramón, artist and director of IDENSITAT
Ibon Aranberri, artist
Zaida Muxi, architect
Territorial monitoring team
Once the projects that are to be produced have been selected, a viability study will be carried out in the different boroughs involved. This will be the work of a commission comprised of local agents with ground knowledge of the reality in each municipality. Their task is to provide advice regarding the different possibilities of work with specific sectors of the population and to monitor the productions.
Each artist or group of artists selected will receive the sum of 4000 euros (tax included) in respect of fees.
consonni covers travel expenses, accommodation, subsistence allowance and local transport for the artist/s’ stay. A maximum budgetary sum is envisaged, to be negotiated depending on place of origin, the number of people and the number of days’ stay.
The costs that may be incurred during the production process must not exceed 7000 euros (VAT included). In cases where the budget for the projects (production) is in excess of the estimated amount, the possibilities of the participants themselves receiving sponsorship or funding from other sources will be assessed.
Anyone presenting themselves for the IDENSITAT#5 call organised by IDENSITAT for projects of production and communication for 2009, may put themselves forward for this call. In the case to be declared the winner in IDENSITAT#5 within the “production project” category, they will be withdrawn from the current call.
The sending and collection of projects will be the responsibility of the participants. consonni can be contacted to return unselected projects, once the organisation has made the project selection public.
The work selected, and the projects that correspond to them, are the property of the author or authors. Reproduction of them will be allowed for the different publications promoted by ID+ consonni, to be disseminated on the consonni and IDENSITAT Web pages and in all cases relating to diffusion of the programme. The origin of works produced within the framework of ID+ consonni must be stated explicitly in the event of them being presented publicly outside of this context.
Likewise, authors give a commitment to authorise consonni to carry out a photographic, journalistic or audiovisual report of the investigation and production process, for dissemination on the consonni and IDENSITAT Web pages and in all cases relating to diffusion of the programme by ID+ consonni.
A commitment is likewise given to authorise mention of the artist’s name as well as use of their name and/or voice in any medium and via any form of communication (catalogues, publications, communications media or any other format considered to be appropriate) for the sole purposes of publicising and/or promoting the call organised by ID+ consonni and their organising bodies.
Both consonni and IDENSITAT give their commitment to name themselves as responsible for ID+consonni and for the projects that result from the call, awarding each organisation its corresponding role, consonni being the producer of the resulting project.
Participation in this call implies acceptation of these basic conditions.
ID+ consonni is a joint call made by the non-profit making associations consonni and Idensitat Associació d'Art Contemporani. It is promoted by Sondika Town Council and has the support of Suspergintza.
consonni has a collaboration agreement with Suspergintza in return for the development of a yearly art project within a perspective of social intervention social and multidisc


ID+consonni: general rules