La colección Proyectos reúne ediciones derivadas de los proyectos de arte producidos por otros agentes (artistas, curador*s…) y en algunos casos por consonni. Más allá de la intención documental, son dispositivos autónomos, con contenido y formato propio, que aportan un contexto o desarrollo al trabajo en que se basan.

Walter Benjamin, productivist

Marcelo Expósito

This essay studies one of the fundamental pieces in the historical construction of a materialist aesthetic theory in the 1930s: the pair formed by Walter Benjamin’s texts on the technical

El observatorio

Elssie Ansareo

The observatory is an artist’s book, a limited edition of 350 copies that forms part of the Beste collection following the editorial line of the producer of art projects consonni. The book is the

Stay inside close windows and doors

Iratxe Jaio
Klaas van Gorkum

The book “Stay inside. Close windows and doors. Consumer society and the zombie apocalypse” edited by Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum and published by consonni, is a collection of theoretical

Pájaro y ornitólogo al mismo tiempo

Harriet Brown

Esta publicación es gratuita, puedes descargarla en formato PDF aquí o pedir que te enviemos el formato impreso a casa pagando sólo los gastos de envío (estimados en 2€), tan solo tienes que realizar


Virginia Villaplana [ed.]

This investigation is a tribute to the cinematographic work of Chick Strand (San Francisco, 1931-2009). In 1979, filmmaker Chick Strand shot the 16mm ethnographic film Soft Fiction. A film that breaks

An art center

David Armengol
Martí Manen

An art centre, think about it as a possibility. During the exhibition season of 2014, David Armengol and Martí Manen tested out a live art centre after winning a call to compete to be in charge of the

Pretty Woman

Pablo Marte

“Pretty Woman” is an editorial project by Pablo Marte published by consonni involving a fiction essay and ten interventions. The fiction essay has a 2-3-3 structure. 2 : at a merely fictional level

Kepa Garraza

Kepa Garraza

This catalogue is a collection of the works that artist Kepa Garraza has been developing from 2007 to the present date. They break down into three differentiated series, each with well-defined visual

We only move when something changes!!!

Begoña Muñoz

In September 2003, Subterfuge Records and consonni signed an agreement for Begoña´s album. On November 10th, 2003, goes on sale the single 'Let's play hippies.' Within weeks, got a good reception and

Metamorfosis en el noveno asalto

Lutxo Egia

The novel reflects the keys that were required to work in the project: the analysis of the music world, the construction of a star, the contradictions that exist in the collective work, the production


María Ptqk

Soft Power is a program of cultural activities on biotechnology, a branch of science, that with the advances in pharmaceutical and food industries and the patent system applied to living matter, has

Rides are back!

Saioa Olmo
Garikoitz Fraga

In October 2007, consonni and the artist Saioa Olmo reopened the Amusement Park of Bizkaia through guided tours to discover the new attractions the space provided. This book documents that visits with